A True Story Of A Woman Dating An Older Man

I met Jim at a social function two years ago. He is everything I have ever wanted in a man; sexy, well dressed, smart, caring, sexy French accent, steady job, and handsome. Well, everything about him is perfect apart from him being older than me. He is fifty-three while I am twenty-one. He came into my life at a time when I was lonely and depressed from the series of romantic failures.

Like any other girl, I always like talking about Jim to my friends. When I do, some are happy for me while others frown and others feel disgusted. What they may not know is that I am having the time of my life. Here’s why:

He’s great in bed
Jim is never in a hurry; he takes lots of time to please me. Besides, he knows several bedroom tricks that I have never seen in any man. I can’t wait for him to come from his trip for my next sweet adventure!

He’s not into changing me
Jim appreciates me for who I am, unlike my other guys who were control freaks. He appreciates every milestone that I make. This character in Jim has helped improve my confidence and has boosted my self-esteem.

He’s mature
The older wine has better taste, and so do men! With Jim, I have never experienced tantrums been thrown and childish arguments. Whenever there is something to be solved, we do it amicably. Arguments are very rare, and when they come, it sure is something serious. My former boyfriends had something to quarrel about every time. Therefore, I am grateful for Jim.

He’s financially stable
Well, I had to say this even though many people think that women go for older men only because of their cash. I love Jim, and the finances bit is a plus for me. He flies me out for getaways at least once a month, takes me out for luxurious shopping, clears my bills, pays my college fees, and gives me money for maintenance. When Jim does all these things for me, I feel stable, happy, loved and cared for. I would still love him even without his heavy pocket, though.

He keeps his word
Whenever Jim promises me something, I am usually 100% sure he means it and will honor his word. While I was dating other guys, it was not uncommon for them to miss a date or to make false promises. Such worries are now a thing of the past.

He is intelligent
I love having conversations with Jim. His conversations are naturally stimulating and very intriguing. Whenever we talk about life, he encourages me to pursue my dreams. He even goes on advising me on how I can get where I want to.

His manners
Jim will pull a chair for me, stand when I stand, and open the door for me. Call them old school manners, but I believe they are standard, and I love it when Jim does them for me.

Like any other relationship, I want ours to last, and I know I can make it happen. I have already told my parents about him, and they are cool with it. I adore my Jim, and I don’t care about the negative things people say about us.

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